In Constant Flight 

“Reading Elizabeth Tallent is like watching someone skate a figure-eight: she’s sure, graceful, and—in spite of the speed with which her prose moves—the details are all there.”—Ann Beattie

“Tallent’s voice deserves note as one that is strong and fresh, one that has a great deal to teach us about disillusionment, despair and hope.”—Boston Globe

Museum Pieces

“It’s one of the best books I’ve read in recent years. I wish the word wonderful had not become devalued, because I think it is closest to the mark…Nothing shows here, not a bone or a girder, not a tendon or a rivet; all you can really see is something as beautiful as a ballerina or a suspension bridge. Grace. Elegance. Humanity. Extraordinary concern for detail. A perfect sense of what the details mean…Oh hell, I said it was wonderful.”—David Bradley, author of The Chaneysville Incident

Time with Children

“Sublime…exhilarating…Tallent etches stories that are as moving as they are sharp.”—Matthew Gilbert, The Boston Globe

“Splendid…A collection as remarkable for its author’s sense of wonder as for her intelligence.”—Marianne Gingher, The Washington Post Book World

“Elizabeth Tallent’s prose style is the literary equivalent of Audrey Hepburn—cool, elegant, precise, stylishly dressed and very feminine.”—Leslie Carper, The Dallas Morning News



“Everything about Tallent’s work speaks of its delicacy and precision, from the brilliant threads of metaphor with which she pulls her stories tight to the precarious balance of the relationships of her characters.”—Douglas Siebold, Chicago Tribune

“[A] razor-sharp eye for telling details and an uncanny sense of the minute shifts of emotion…These are fully realized tales that each hint at the depth and complexity of a novel.”—Publishers Weekly